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Are you looking for an accident lawyer for Indiana, PA? Look no further than Michael A. Filia, Attorney at Law. Accidents are stressful for many reasons, including insurance bills, and the costs of fixing your car. The smaller the impact of the accident, the less you will have to pay. Whether it is your first accident or your third, call on Michael A. Filia and his staff for strong criminal defense. For more information, and to schedule a consultation call (814) 266-6514 or contact us online.

Understand the Pennsylvania Car Accident Settlement Process

A settlement is the amount negotiated between parties out of court. Car accident cases typically get resolved before going to court, or early in the litigation process. Courts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have different rules for each county.


You can use different methods to file a car accident settlement in Pennsylvania. If you allow your own insurance company to compensate you, you will only recover economic damages. However, if you choose to pursue a lawsuit under the traditional insurance policy, you can recover economic and non-economic challenges.

You Need Our Tenacious Lawyer for a Strong Defense

After an accident, it can feel like you are trapped. Between paying fines, repair costs, and insurance rates, it is easy to feel alone. That is why you need the experience and tenacity of Attorney Filia on your side during a stressful time. We will defend your rights against this tragedy. We might challenge how the driver merged or cut across a lane. Attorney Filia might question the other driver’s blood alcohol level. You can rest assured we have your back.

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Michael A. Filia, and his staff take great pride in serving the residents of Indiana, PA, and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in serving our customers in the best way possible. By providing various services, we believe we achieve this goal daily. Residents throughout Cambria, Somerset, Bedford, Indiana, and Blair counties come to us for the following services:

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