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Attorney Michael A. Filia Is on Your Side After a License Suspension

When you need a license suspension lawyer for Cresson, PA, call Michael A. Filia, Attorney at Law. A suspended or revoked driver’s license can impact your ability to live your everyday life. Getting from point A to point B can become more challenging without the benefit of driving. If you drive for a living, the impact becomes much more severe. If you live in and around Cambria County, PA, and face temporarily losing your license, call (814) 266-6514 today. Clients can also contact us online for more information.

Our Law Firm Can Help You Through a Complicated Process

Losing your driver’s license can result from excessive points for traffic violations or criminal convictions. Providing a strong defense against DUI or traffic violations is the first step in preserving your driving privileges. Attorney Filia and his team have extensive experience in Pennsylvania road law. We have been saving the client’s driving privileges without condition. Our firm also helps clients facing temporary license loss to obtain limited occupational access. This concept means clients are allowed to drive to work and medical appointments.

There are Multiple Reasons for License Suspension in Cresson, PA

License suspension is a significant inconvenience. If you live in Cresson, PA, and beyond, Michael A. Filia, Attorney at Law, can get your license back. In Pennsylvania, state officials can suspend a driver’s license for varying periods. DUI charges involve statutory minimum license loss, along with mandatory jail time. Losing your license can also result from:

  • Excessive Points on Your Driving Record
  • Failure to Pay Child Support for a Prolonged Period
  • Uninsured and Reckless Driving

It is also important to understand that temporary license loss does not begin until you surrender your license. Driving on a suspended license can lead to further penalties.

Our Law Firm Offers Top-Notch Service for License Suspension and More

Mr. Filia and his staff are proud to serve Cresson, PA, and beyond with sound legal advice. We take our client’s needs very seriously and strive to help them in the best way possible. Residents of Somerset, Bedford, Indiana, and Blair counties come to us for the following services:

Contact Michael A. Filia, Attorney at Law, when you need a license suspension lawyer for Cresson, PA.