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Michael A. Filia is a DUI Attorney for Johnstown, PA. Residents know us well throughout Johnstown and Cambria County for our expertise in helping people facing DUI charges. Our law firm has made it a point to advocate for people in Cambria, Somerset, Bedford, and Indiana counties. We proudly serve people who may have driven under the influence, and subsequently face some level of charge in court. If you need a reputable lawyer to represent you in your case, call us at (814) 266-6514. Please feel free to contact us online as well.

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Our Staff Provides the Knowledge to Help You Deal with the Legal System

Michael A. Filia and his staff know that facing driving-related charges is often someone’s first time in the legal system. You need the experience of a lawyer who knows the courts, judges, clerks, and other lawyers within the region. If you live in the Johnstown, Somerset, Bedford, or Indiana areas, you can have peace of mind with our representation. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Michael A. Filia Handles Each DUI Case with Special Attention and Care

DUI cases can range from suspicion to something more serious. Michael A. Filia, Attorney at Law, has the experience of handling each case best. You must deal with a driving under the influence charge appropriately. It helps to have a lawyer by your side when you have to deal with the justice system. It can make all the difference in every aspect, from fines to sentencing, and more. Contact the law office of Michael A. Filia to arrange a consultation on your DUI or other license-related matter.

We Proudly Serve Clients in Johnstown, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Michael A. Filia, Attorney at Law, has been Johnstown, PA’s, trusted law firm for over 25 years. We take our client’s needs very seriously and strive to offer our best work daily. Michael Filia and his staff proudly serve Cambria, Somerset, Bedford, Indiana, and Blair counties with the following services:

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